PremierLeague: Everton vs Crystal Palace

Only have to welcome a favorite opponent like Crystal Palace at home in the 30th round of the Premier League, so confidence is completely understandable for Everton players at the moment, although they have just lost a shock with billion. number 1-2 against Burnley in the previous round. And perhaps the anger or pride after that defeat, Everton will all turn to Crystal Palace and the goal that the Goodison Park team aims to be nothing but 3 complete points and an overwhelming stance.

Everton vs Crystal Palace

Everton - Premier League 

The 1-2 defeat to Burnley at Goodison in the last round proved a fact that Everton was far from the peak period they showed in the early part of the season. At the moment, this team is ranked 3rd on the rankings with 3 points less than the Top 5 strongest teams.

This is not a difficult gap to level, so if you can play steadily for the remainder of the season, the chance for the Merseyside team to complete at least the Top 5 goals is absolutely available. can. But first and foremost, coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti need to overcome the underrated opponent Merseyside in the match of the 30th round of the Premier League taking place earlier this week.

Crystal Palace - Premier League

Undefeated for the last 4/5 matches in the Premier League, this can be considered one of the best achievements of Crystal Palace since the beginning of the season and these positive results have helped this team to rise. 12th place in the rankings and far ahead of the dangerous group with a distance of up to 15 points. However, the distance between them and the team behind Wolves at the present time is only 2 points, so if you do not maintain a stable performance in the near future, the risk will continue to rise. diving in the lower half of the chart is still showing right in front of coach Roy Hodgson's teachers and students.

Being a guest on Everton's field in the 30th round, the difficulty is something that Crystal Palace may have expected, but now the home team at Selhurst Park has no way back, they are forced to win at least 1 point in the match. This would, if not, once again face the risk of falling to lower positions on the chart.

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