PremierLeague: Brighton vs Everton

Brighton is ranked 17th in the Premier League, the same distance is still 3 points more than the group holding the red light. Therefore, the role of teachers and coach Graham Potter for the rest of the season is nothing more than maintaining a fragile advantage and finishing the finish with a safe position.

Brighton - Premier League 

Losing 4 of the last 6 rounds in the Premier League, conceding 8 times, Brighton could not make his fans feel secure with the current form, although there are still eight more rounds, the season will close, but at This teacher and teacher Graham Potter is still in 17th place in the rankings. Moreover, the distance between this team and the group holding the red light now is only 3 points, so if you don't improve your performance soon, going down to play in the English Premier League is inevitable. with the Falmer team.

Brighton vs Everton
Meeting a difficult opponent to play Everton in round 31, fortunately for Brighton because this is the match they played at home, where Graham Potter and his students are unbeaten in the last 5/7 matches. Not only that, if you win all 3 points in this match, the Falmer home team will still keep the safe position they currently own, which is a great motivation for the home team to enter with more than 100% determination. mind to aim for 3 points in this match.

Everton - Premier League 

Stop the losing streak in the Premier League in the number 2, Everton finally helped the fans smile by 1 point in the reception of Crystal Palace at home in round 30. The 1-1 draw helped the home team Goodison. Park temporarily retains a position in the top half of the chart and should remember that the gap between them and the Top 5 is currently 5 points.

As a guest on the field of the 17th ranked Brighton team in the match in the 31st round, if losing in this match, Everon may lose the 8th place to the team behind Leeds, more than in four trips away from home. Most recently, coach Carlo Ancelotti's army did not win 2 matches, so the fans of the home team Goodison Park had more reason to worry about the next defeat at the shrine of Falmer.


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