PremierLeague: Aston Villa vs Fulham

Won 3 wins in the last 4 encounters with Aston Villa, so it can be seen as a favorite opponent with Fulham no matter the circumstances. Moreover, at the present time, Fulham is not underestimated much for Aston Villa, so the Craven Cottage team has more reason to be confident in a victory over this opponent in the 30th round of the tournament. Premier League.

Aston Villa vs Fulham

Aston Villa - Premier League 

This season, Aston Villa is not a highly appreciated team and they have also proven that with an unstable performance since the beginning of the season and 10th place on the current chart. And what the Villa Park team has done against Tottenham in the recent round is really worrying. With a lack of confidence and a decline in morale after the victory over the 6th ranked team, they will look to round 30 and have a reception against Fulham.

However, Aston Villa fans can not be assured by the home field performance of teachers and coach Dean Smith is quite poor with the last 2/4 matches failed. Moreover, the home team of Villa Park is not showing a certain style of play, so the chance for the visitors to bring at least 1 point in this match is very wide.

Fulham - Premier League 

Starting to show signs of a decline in recent form with 3 defeats in the last 5 matches, Fulham are making his fans worry even though this team has previously had results. very stable. The 1-2 defeat to Leeds United in the last 29th round will surely make the Craven Cottage team face a lot of psychological pressure before the Aston Villa trip to the field in the next round. .

Considered a bit lower in this match, but with the strength away from home, where Fulham are unbeaten in the last 8 matches, so teachers and coach Scott Parker are very confident to win all 3 points against the home team. Remember, in order to concretize their ambitions, they will definitely go through a difficult 90 minutes.


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