PremierLeague: Arsenal vs Everton

A stable series of achievements in recent times makes Arsenal extremely confident to head to round 33 of the Premier League with rival Everton. This is a match where Arsenal is played as the home team, so 3 points will definitely be the goal that this team is aiming for when the away team is not in a really good form if not in a good shape. is lack of stability.

Arsenal vs Everton

Arsenal - Premier League 

Winning 2 and drawing 2 is the result of Arsenal's last 4 matches, if this team has a better start in the first rounds of phase 2 in the Premier League, then perhaps their position now. Already in the Top 5. But despite what is showing, the chance to chase the group of the strongest 5 teams is still there when the gap is still 9 points but the season still has 6 rounds.

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Therefore, if you can win in the 33rd round, Arsenal will be able to shorten the gap with the Top 5. The dynamic of the game is too clear, home advantage and more than that, the opponent in this match is just An unstable Everon, it will be understandable if the Emirates Stadium team continues to win 3 full points to fly higher on the standings.

Everton - Premier League

Although they do not have so bad results at the moment, it is fair to say that Everton has not had a stability in the gameplay, which has made them almost stalled on the chart at the moment. 8th place. With the current situation, perhaps it will not be easy for the home team Goodison Park to return to the continental playground next season.

Even if you do not look for more victories, it is not excluded that this team will have to fall out of the Top 10 in the Premier League rankings this season when the gap between them and the 11th ranked Aston Villa team is reduced. is 5 points but plays more than 1 match. The match with Arsenal in the 33rd round promises to be a lot of difficulties when the form of Everon and the opponent is quite different, so whether you want it or not, the visitors of the visitors should also prepare. spirit for the worst that could happen.

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