LaLiga: Real Madrid vs Barcelona

The 2 teams that are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the current Spanish league table, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​will meet in round 30. The result of this confrontation will be meaningful. decided to take 1st place, so both teams needed a victory to concretize their ambitions.

Real Madrid

Overcoming weak opponent Eibar 2-0 in the previous round, at this time Real Madrid is still maintaining 3rd place in the standings with a 3-point gap less than the top team Atletico Madrid and 2 points less than. with second place team Barcelona. Therefore, only needing to earn all 3 points in the reception of the Catalan team at home in round 30, coach Zinedine Zidane will surely have a chance to level the gap with the two above-ranked opponents.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona
But remember that the record at home when meeting Barcelina is not good at all with 2 defeats in the last 3 encounters. Therefore, even with great motivation, the Bernabeu team must still be very cautious if they do not want to face the risk of losing the game and losing all hope in the race to win the championship this season.


Winning in a row in the last 3 rounds, this achievement not only helped Barcelona retain their position in the Top 3 strong teams, but their competitive mentality was also relieved a lot after the defeat against Paris Saint Germain in 1/8 Champions League round earlier. At this time, the gap with the top team Atletico Madrid is still only 1 point, so if you want to regain this position from the opponent, the Nou Camp team must win in Real Madrid's trip at dawn. this Sunday.

Moreover, even when facing an away disadvantage, this goal can also be achieved because, in fairness, Coach Ronald Koeman's army is no less than Los Blancos at the moment, not only that. In the last 3 encounters between the two teams at the Bernabeu, Barcelona also got 2 wins


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