FACup: Chelsea vs Man City

1-3 in the last match against Manchester City, so Chelsea is very determined to claim all the old debts in the FA Cup semi-final match. Moreover, this is a match where coach Thomas Tuchel and his teacher played at Wembley, so even though The Citizens is known in advance, the opponent is always very annoying, but the Chelsea fans still have reason to believe in the battle goal. wins.

Chelsea vs Man City

Chelsea - FA Cup 

Ranked 5th on the Premier League standings with a stable performance since the end of January, Chelsea has almost no chance to compete for the championship with Manchester City and Manchester United, but if any. Having a direct place in the Champions League next season also makes the Stamford Bridge team somewhat comforting.

According to statistics, the London team has an unbeaten record in the last 17/19 matches in all competitions, this stable performance is the reason for Thomas Tuchel and his students to feel confident despite facing a Manchester City are not easy in the FA Cup semi-finals. Moreover, It is The Citizens who defeated Chelsea in the last match between the two teams with a convincing 3-1, so if you do not want to have to hug again, Timo Werner and his teammates will. must enter with extreme caution.

Man City - FA Cup 

Having never lost to Chelsea since January 2021, even Manchester City surprised many people when they even scored 3 goals against this opponent. Specifically, in that match, The Citizens completely overwhelmed the Stamford team and won 3-1.

Therefore, as the people are more appreciated in the encounter with the London team in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, it is clear that coach Pep Guardiola's teachers and coaches have reason to be confident that they can once again sow. Capital representative. However, keep in mind that Chelsea's current form is a lot more stable than the 1-3 defeat and everything will be very good when the match is taking place at Wembley Sanctuary.

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