PremierLeague: Aston Villa vs Man City

To lose to Chelsea in the recent FA Cup semi-final, Manchester City are probably desperate for a victory and the opportunity will come in round 32 of the Premier League when their opponent is just an underrated Aston Villa. . So if you make good use of the opportunities created, 3 points is not too difficult for the Manchester City team in this match.

Aston Villa vs Manchester City

Aston Villa - Premier League 

With only 1 win in the last 6 matches in the Premier League, Aston Villa is making themselves difficult in the Top 5 battle this season with a gap of 10 points compared to the group of 5 teams. leader. Although they play 1 match less than the 5th ranked team, but if they do not stabilize soon and look for more 3-point matches, it will be difficult for the home team of Villa Park to be sure of the Top 5 in the season. this year.

Moreover, in round 32, their opponent will be a Manchester City that is playing quite well in the Premier League and is much appreciated, the difficulty seems to be greater by a victory or even. Even a draw is also an impossible task for Aston Villa at the moment.

Manchester City - Premier League 

Although it is normal to lose against a strong team like Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final last weekend and then be eliminated from England's oldest league is a very normal thing, but to be fair, Manchester City has Didn't play well in that match. Returning to the Premier League in a situation of being forced to win if they do not want to continue to be narrowed by the second ranked Manchester United team to the current 8 points, Raheem Sterling and his teammates will have to come up with a solution to the problem named Aston Villa.

With the performance shown in the Premier League in the past time, it is clear that the Etihdad home team is still too much better than the opponent, moreover even though this is a match they face at a disadvantage away from home, but not It is difficult to say in advance that coach Pep Guardiola's army will fulfill their duties in this match.


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