PremierLeague: Crystal Palace vs Chelsea

Having to play at the Selhurst Park Sanctuary in the home team Crystal Palace's visit in the 31st round, but Chelsea is still much more appreciated than the opponent and should also remember that the Blues are the winner. in the first leg with a convincing 4-0 score.

Crystal Palace - Premier League 

Going down too much in form in the second phase of the season this year but fortunately for Crystal Palace the impressive amount of money they accumulated in the early game helped them maintain a place in the safe group. . After 30 rounds, Coach Roy Hodgson's army brought 38 points and the distance of up to 12 points compared to the group holding the red light was more than enough for the home team of Selhurst Park to feel secure to aim for much higher goals. compared to relegation in the last 8 matches this season.

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea
Having welcomed the Chelsea visitors at home in round 31 of the Premier League, this would be a difficult 90 minutes for the home team and with a 1-1 draw against Everton in the previous round as well as a strong 0- loss. 4 under the hands of the Blues in the first leg will make Crystal Palace players much less confident. And maybe in a bad day of the game, instead of completing the draw goal, Coach Roy Hodgson's army did not better than that with a strong defeat.

Chelsea  - Premier League

If we say Chelsea are playing so hard, it may be too much, but it is fair to say that the Stamford Bridge team has not found the secret of stability in the sprint phase of this season to be able to occupy. advantage in the race to win tickets to the Champions League next season.

Currently, coach Thomas Tuchel's army is ranked 5th in the Premier League rankings with 1 point less than the fourth target held by West Ham. Of course, this is not a difficult gap to level, but first the Stamford Bridge team needs to stabilize their play style in order to find more victories in the remaining 8 rounds and pray for direct opponents. West Ham or Leicester City stumbled.


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