Champions League: Liverpool vs Real Madrid

It seems that he will face an empty season, but now Real Madrid is facing the opportunity to win the throne in both major arenas. 

The 2-1 victory in the El Clasico match against Barcelona a few days ago helped the White Vulture temporarily climb to the top of the La Liga group, while the season was rolling to the final rounds. As can be seen, the chances of winning the championship are very wide open for coach Zinedine Zidane's army, especially when they have maintained an impressive performance recently. Specifically, Real Madrid has a series of victories in the last 5 matches. Before beating Barca in the super classic, they also won against Liverpool in the first leg to gain their advantage.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid

On the other side of the front line, Liverpool is experiencing a sad season. At this time in the Premier League, the chance to defend the title is no longer for the Anfield team. The situation is even worse when Liverpool is facing the possibility of not being able to reach the Top 4, meaning that they will not have a ticket to the UEFA Champions League next season. Currently, Liverpool is ranked 6th on the rankings of the Premier League and is exactly 3 points away from the Top 4. The injuries of a series of players affected the strength of The Kop quite a lot. Liverpool just got a 2-1 victory over Aston Villa in the English Premier League to end a series of six consecutive tragic defeats at home. The defeat against Real is also Liverpool's only defeat in the last 5 matches, while the team won all four remaining matches.

Statistics show that in 2021, coach Klopp's team could not have any wins at home Anfield. Victory over Aston Villa was their first match at Anfield since December 17th. That is exactly what fans of this team are worried about in their upcoming match when they will face a Real playing in. together sublimation. Certainly the fans of The Kop are desperate for history in the classic upside-down match against another representative from Spain, Barcelona, ​​to be reappeared. But it was too difficult when both the force and the form of Liverpool lost at that time. Injuries have always been a problem for Liverpool throughout this season. The loss of pillars has greatly affected their performance in both the domestic Premier League and the UEFA Champion League. Most recently, Matip, 

The 1-3 defeat to Real Madrid in the first leg caused Liverpool to suffer heavy losses in the second leg. Having a 2-goal difference is a great advantage for Zidane and his students, although it is definitely not easy to make a trip here at Anfield. Thus, both teams will have to play with 200% strength and determination, but Real has an advantage over the opponent. Not only winning in the first leg, but having a stable performance and good playing spirit is also what makes the Spanish representative more confident in this tour. The Hoang Gia team has benefited from a series of top performances with 6 consecutive wins and 13 unbeaten matches in the past. Remember in the 2014-2015 season, in the Champions League group stage, Real Madrid also defeated the Anfield team with a strong 3-0 victory. 

With the advantages in hand, Real Madrid is believed to win the important match tonight. Therefore, with the 1/2 left football match , investing in guests is a more reasonable plan. In addition, this will be a battle between the two teams pursuing an attacking kick. Real's attackers are playing extremely impressive with 13 goals in the last 5 matches, while Liverpool also scored 9 goals in 5 matches. In addition, the recent confrontations between the two teams have had many goals scored, proving that in the last 2 encounters there have been a total of 8 goals. Therefore, it is expected that the 90 minutes of tonight will take place quite jubilantly and the door is a wise choice in a 3-goal matchup.

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