Champions League: Dortmund vs Man City

Dortmund do not have many difficulties in the matches since the beginning of the Champions League season until now, most of the teams the club has encountered are not too strong opponents. 

However, right from the eighth round of the tournament, Dortmund showed signs of going down when meeting Sevilla and was held 2-2 by this team, so now, even though participating in the quarterfinals, it is possible. 

Dortmund vs Man City

The club's progression seems to be quite difficult. In the first leg Borussia Dortmund lost to Manchester City as a guest on the opponent's field, although Dortmund still got 1 goal in this match and in the upcoming second leg the team only needs to score more than 1 goal compared to the other. Player will be the name that goes on based on the away goals rule. However, the Manchester team will certainly not allow Dortmund to achieve the goal,

This season, Dortmund also did not play well at home when they only got 46 points after 28 matches, thus ranking 5th on the rankings. This is not a bad achievement compared to most of the clubs playing here, but compared to Bayern Munich at the top of the table, the gap has reached 19 points, so Dortmund's ability to compete for the Bundesliga championship seems to be. extremely difficult. 

The performance of Borussia Dortmund recently has not been really good as the team only got 2 wins, 1 draw but also received 2 defeats in the total of the last 5 appearances across all regions. matrix. In their last appearance Dortmund had a 2-3 win against Stuttgart, although this was a weaker opponent, but Dortmund had to rely on Knauff's 80th-minute goal to win.

On the opponent's side, Manchester City are in a brilliant form at home when they are at the top of the Premier League table with 74 points after 32 rounds, compared to Manchester United, who is right behind, coach Pep Guardiola has come. 11 points so it is only a matter of time before Manchester City are crowned domestic champions. 

Not only sublimating in the Premier League, The Citizens are also conquering the Champions League from the beginning of the season until now, and in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, coach Pep Guardiola's army has won. before Dortmund at home with a score of 2-1, although there are more or less advantages, the 1-goal gap is not too much, so in the upcoming rematch, Man City's ability to win is not entirely sure. sure. 

However, Man City only needs to get a draw against Dortmund in the match, then the ticket to the Champions League semi-finals will belong to the team. In addition, the performance of Manchester City in recent times is also quite impressive, particularly in the last 5 appearances, the club only had to receive 1 defeat and win in the remaining 4 matches. . As we know Manchester City has been in good form this season, the only failure of the club has surprised fans, Man City's opponent is Leeds United, which is a new team. The team was wet and only caused the Manchester team to embrace the hatred because the goal was scored in the 90th minute of the match. It can be said that this is a rather unfortunate hit of Man City, thereby ending the club's long series of consecutive wins. However,

Asian exchanges list football rates3/4 left, this is the handicap suitable for both sides and while Dortmund is playing at home, but in terms of the situation of the lack of important names such as Moukoko, Sancho or Witsel, Manchester City Again, having the best team to play, the team from England will be a better choice for investors. The ability of both teams to hunt goals in recent times is not bad when Dortmund brought up to 10 goals in the last 5 matches taking place at home. Manchester City also got 10 goals in the last 5 trips away from home, but not only won but also completely kept a clean sheet. With the ability of both teams to hunt goals in the past, the door is still a safe option for players when the listed odds ratio is only 3.0.


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