Wolves vs Liverpool Live Streams

After a 0-1 defeat to the team in the Fullham red light group, Liverpool seemed to be losing its class at the key stages of the season. A visit to Wolves' field in the 28th round of the Premier League will be an opportunity for coach and coach Juergen Klopp to end the dark days.

Wolves vs Liverpool Live Streams

Wolves - Premier League

In the Premie League, Wolves' season seems to have ended when they are in the safe group with 12th place on the rankings with 35 points, 9 points from the red light group and 12 points from the European Cup group. The team of coach Santo Nuno also had a good performance when they both held a team that was more appreciated than Aston Villa, in the last 5 matches in the domestic league they also lost only 1 match with the top team. Manchester City table.

However, the past head-to-head record did not show fans any positive news for Wolves. In 13 times met in the Premie League since 2004 they lost 10 matches and only have 1 win for themselves. Despite having a huge advantage from home, it is clear that welcoming Liverpool in any circumstances is always a difficult battle for teachers and coach Santo Nuno.

Liverpool - Premier League

Meanwhile, Liverpool is the worst-ever Premier League champion ever. In the 2019/20 season, coach and coach Juergen Klopp won the championship after 30 years of thirst with an extremely impressive 99 points. But no one would have expected that after a year the "Red Brigade" fell so badly when it only got 43 points after 28 matches, 36 points worse than this period of the previous season itself.

Currently, Liverpool is ranked 8th in the Premier League, with a gap of 8 points from the top 4, allowing "The Reds" to hope for themselves a European Cup next year. However, with the current poor record of losing the last 4/5 matches, Liverpool are showing fans a series of problems throughout the squad. To find the Big 6 image as well as reaffirm himself in the race to win the Champions League ticket next season, surely winning a match against Wolves will be the top target of the coach of Juergen Klopp this time.

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