SPFL: Celtic Fvs Rangers FC

Celtic vs Rangers 

The final match to close the first phase of Scottish national championship will be a showdown between the two top teams of the tournament, as well as the two leading teams in the Celtic and Rangers rankings.  If Celtic were the defending champions of last season, this season everything would have ended.

Celtic are currently second on the rankings with 68 points after 32 rounds and 20 points behind the top Rangers.  So the fact that Celtic can catch up and overcome opponents in the second stage is probably only in theory and the match ending this first phase is more honorable.

Celtic's performance is not so good when in the last 5 matches the team only won 3, drew 1 and lost 1 match.  At home Celtic also drew 2 matches before having 4 wins and 1 loss in the latest matches here.

Meanwhile, Rangers were recently eliminated from the Europa League by Slavia Praha after a draw on the opponent's field but lost at home.  So now Rangers will only worry about focusing on the domestic league, where the team is unbeaten for 33 consecutive matches.  On away field, however, Rangers are only winning 3 and drawing 2 in the last 5 matches.


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