PremierLeague: West Ham vs Arsenal

West Ham vs Arsenal

Never won Arsenal in the last 3 encounters and the current performance is not as stable as the opponent, so not many people believe in the ability of West Ham United to make a breakthrough in the rematch with the team. Emirates Stadium in round 29 of the Premier League. Moreover, the psychological disadvantage in this match makes the hope for a positive result with West Ham United more distant than ever.

West Ham vs Arsenal

West Ham - Premier League 

Strongly revived with a record of 4 wins in the last 5 matches, Arsenal is surprising many fans because the Emirates Stadium team previously showed a very unstable performance in the series in January. If counted in the Premier League alone, the Gunners are winning the last 3/5 matches, with these positive results, coach Mikel Arteta's army has climbed to 10th in the rankings with the same distance to 7 points. compared to the Top 5. Confidence is back on Lacazette's feet and teammates and the next task is to defeat West Ham United away in the 29th round.

Arsenal - Premier League 

To lose two-thirds of the last match in the Premier League, this somewhat lousy performance is making West Ham United face the risk of falling out of the Top 5 this season. With the 5th place with 2 more points than the team behind Liverpool, of course the chance of keeping the position in the group of 5 successful leading teams is still very open for the London team, but if the game is unstable. As at the present time, it is not excluded that teachers and coaches David Moyes will sink deeper and deeper in a position outside of the Top 5.

If you can win all 3 points against Arsenal at home in the 29th round, the London team will definitely stay in the Top 5, but remember that at the moment the away team has a more stable performance much more than them. Moreover, in the past, West Ham United also never won Arsenal (3 defeats) in the last encounter, so with the current poor performance, it is difficult for the home team to change the history at this match.

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