PremierLeague: Fulham vs Leeds United

Fulham vs Leeds United

Showing a sad performance in recent times with a no-win record in the last 3 matches, it is clear that Leeds United have real problems in the game. Therefore, Fulham's trip to the 29th round of the Premier League promises to have many difficulties with coach Marcelo Bielsa and his players.

Fulham vs Leeds United

Fulham - Premier League 

Not having had a good start this season, but Fulham returned some time later to maintain the position of one of the top contenders for relegation this season. At the moment, the Craven Cottage team owns 18th place in the standings and is only 2 points behind Newcastle's 17th position. Therefore, in the 22nd round when facing Leeds United at home, the goal that Coach Scott Parker and his teachers is aiming for will certainly be 3 points, although it is not an easy task to complete.

The most recent 1-0 victory over Liverpool is also the 6th / 8th of the last eight matches that Fulham are unbeaten in the Premier League alone (3 wins, 3 draws), with the current stable performance and benefits. At home, teachers and coaches Scott Parker have the right to be confident that they can win a beneficial result against Leeds United, thereby soon gaining a safe position and gaining a great advantage in the relegation race. this.

Leeds United - Premier League

Winning Fulham in the first leg of this season with a 4-3 difference, so Leeds United are showing their confidence despite having to march to Craven Cottage in the second leg of the Premier League round 29. Leagye. However, with the unstable form showing, the fans of the Elland Road team cannot help but worry that their team will not be able to win against a team that is not as highly regarded as Fulham.

And according to statistics, coach Marcelo Bielsa's army has a record of 3 consecutive victories. This also shows the fact that the attackers of Leeds United are not playing well, so if they do not make good use of the opportunities created in this match, it is likely that once again the home team of Elland Road. again lose points.


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