Man United vs West Ham Live Streams

Although the chance to crown the Premier League is gradually out of reach, the top 4 race is still dramatic with Manchester United and West Ham. The confrontation between in addition to deciding on the position on the rankings also means a lot for the race to win the Champions League ticket next season.

Man United vs West Ham

Manchester United - Premier League

The opportunity to take the No. 1 position with the neighbor Man City is too far from the reach of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær, although they have just beaten the opponent to close the gap on the current rankings. However, the current 14 point gap is also too far for the Red Devils' ambition to win the Premier League this season.

In fact, the recent performance of the Old Trafford team is starting to have problems to worry about. Indeed, despite standing in front of AC Milan with recent declines in the Europa League arena, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær's army could not preserve their results with the goal in injury time. In the next round, Manchester United have a match to welcome West Ham at home. This is also one of the competitors still heading towards the top 4 race this season. Obviously challenges will be a lot for the Old Trafford team when coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær will not get the best team with many injuries of the pillars.

West Ham - Premier League

West Ham is proving very persistent in the race for his place in the top 4 rankings, coach and coach David Moyes gave himself 3 wins and 1 draw and only lost 1 match against Manchester City in 5 matches. nearest in the Premier League. The 5th place with 48 points is only 2 points away from the top 4 but the game is less than 1 match. West Ham is constantly blowing heat into the top group.

The upcoming Manchester United march with West Ham will be a difficult task for them. Indeed, because the level and level of the two teams in the top league in the fog country is unquestionable. However, teachers and coaches David Moyes will certainly have a lot of determination to their ambitions in the season. The advantages with The Hammers are that the opponent will not have their strongest squad in the upcoming meeting. The spirit and stable form of West Ham can completely help them leave with at least one point in hand.


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