Leeds vs Chelsea Live Streams

Chelsea is slowly finding itself at the key stage of the season, making Leeds United's guests in crisis will be an opportunity for teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel to improve their position at the top of the rankings.
Leeds United vs Chelsea Live Streams

Leeds United - Premier League

Leeds United have no longer maintained the same stable form they did in the first part of the season, with only 1 win and 4 losses in the last 5 matches. 11th place after 25 matches with 35 points on the rankings is definitely a worthy result for the performance of coach Bielsa's teachers and students. Obviously, outside of the Leeds United relegation, there seems to be no goal in the Premier League this year.

Having to welcome Chelsea to gradually regain its current form and strive to pursue the top position will not be easy for Bielsa teachers and teachers. Moreover, in 4 times of meeting from 2003 up to now. Leeds United could not even search for a win, moreover it also lost the last 6/10 matches in the Premier League. Against Chelsea, the gap in class, experience and people is too great for coach Bielsa's team to hope to find themselves a beneficial result despite having a huge advantage from home.

Chelsea - Premier League

Meanwhile, compared to herself a few months ago, Chelsea is gradually stabilizing and a lot stronger. After a match between Manchester City and Manchester United. Coach Thomas Tuchel's teachers and teachers are the ones who have benefited a lot, in addition to maintaining an unbeaten record in the last 5 rounds in the Premier League, even with 8/10 victories in the last matches above. every arena. The Blues of the present time will be a name that will scare every opponent.

Chelsea are ranked fourth in the rankings and only 4 points behind rivals, Leicester and Man United, only 4 points to win the trip against a far away opponent on the Premier League table. Certainly, it is extremely urgent to spend all 3 points at the current stage for the capital team, the German strategist will certainly launch the strongest squad to face Leeds United. A victory to close the gap with the top and improve position on the rankings will be the goal of coach Thomas Tuchel's teachers and students.


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