Fulham vs Man City Live Streams

After a salty defeat with Manchester United's team, coach and coach Pep Guardiola vented their anger on Southampton with a 5-2 victory. Manchester City's green half promises to continue its rage in the upcoming trip to Fulham.
Fulham vs Man City Live Streams

Fulham - Premier League

Fulham is probably one of the most disappointing teams in the Premier League this year when they are struggling with a battle, Coach Scott Parker holds 18th place on the rankings after 28 rounds and only finds earn yourself 26 points. The lucky victory 1-0 Liverpool may be their only bright spot in the last series. But remember who they have to host this time is Manchester City, which is ready to sweep any side in the Premier League this year.

Meanwhile, the head-to-head achievements of the last two teams in the domestic league show fans that Fulham seem to have absolutely no chance to find themselves even just 1 point, when for themselves up to 8. / 10 losses 2 draws and never found myself any victory in the last 10 encounters. The difference in the level of the two teams shows that the teacher and teacher Scott Parker will be difficult to create a surprise even if they will have the advantage of the home field next round.

Manchester City - Premier League

On the opposite side, after losing in the Manchester derby, despite not having much impact on the No. 1 position on the rankings. Coach Pep Guardiola's team also quickly recovered their spirit with the last impressive victory over Southampton not strong. Although we have to be an upcoming guest, before a team in a relegation group like Fulham and The Citizens will not be too difficult for their winning goal.

In fact, after the last victory over Southampton, Manchester City almost gave themselves a hand in the Premier League championship. Currently, the Etihad home team has 68 points after 29 matches, 14 points away from the second ranked team, who is also his legendary rival, Manchester United. During Fulham's trip to the field this time, teachers and coach Pep Guardiola will certainly aim for themselves 3 points because the distance is too far in terms of performance, class, as well as people. Scenario 1 overwhelming victory as with Southampton will be "half green to Manchester" repeated at home Fulham this time.

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