FACup: Leicester City vs Man United

Leicester City vs Man United

The contrast in the play style of Leicester City and Manchester United in recent times still does not make the confrontation between the two teams in the FA Cup sub-league becoming less stressful. Although you know that you should not exert yourself in such a sub-arena, it is clear that the honor of the big teams does not allow them to continue to fall, especially when playing against their predestined opponents and even more. Leicester City and Manchester United are such cases.

Leicester City vs Man United

Leicester City - FA Cup 

Failure to win the last 2/4 matches in the Premier League not only made the Foxes continue to be narrowed by the 4th ranked Chelsea team to exactly 5 points, but also a strong blow to the psychology of the home team. King Power pitch as well as the fans. Therefore, the battle with Manchester United in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup is a big challenge, but it can also be seen as an opportunity for coach and coach Brendan Rodgers to regain their face if they can win.

However, Leicester City fans must be very worried when their team has failed in the last three-quarters of their encounters and the Manchester Reds are still playing very well, so the chance is also Not big for Vardy and his teammates when their mentality is really problematic.

Manchester United - FA Cup

For Manchester United, the victory against AC Milan in the Europa League in the middle of this week has extended the consecutive unbeaten series of coach Solskjaer teachers to 14. It is clear that the Old Trafford team is having very stability. big not only in gameplay but also in the psychology of the game.

Therefore, they will see the match against Leicester City in the FA Cup as a match for honor that the winner will escape the pressure, and the loser will receive disappointment. It is these things that are making the great war between the two teams stressful and worth the wait no less when they face each other in the Premier League.

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