FACup: Everton vs Man City

Everton vs Man City

Everton face the danger of being eliminated when the Etihad home team is in very high form at the moment. Moreover, home field advantage does not help coach Carlo Ancelotti's teachers and coaches much more confident because in the last 7 times returning to Goodison Park, Everton has only 1 victory, the rest are 6 defeats and 2 results. results tie.

Everton vs Man City

Everton - FA Cup 

Having a record of 2 consecutive rounds without winning in the Premier League, this poor result caused Everton to drop to 7th place in the standings, but the fans of the home team Goodison Park did not need to worry too much about The distance between the army of coach Carlo Ancelotti and the Top 5 is only 2 points. To be fair, this team still cannot show a stable performance at the moment, but if the attackers are more effective, they must be in a different position now.

Temporarily forget the difficulties in the Premier League this season to head to the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, where Everton will have a confrontation that is more or less good at home with Manchester City. The last 6 matches that lost against The Citizens is more than enough to tell the difference between the two current teams. Not only that, with the high performance that the visitors currently have, the Goodison Park home team is even more difficult to surprise and end the losing streak during the past 3 years.

Manchester City - FA Cup 

According to statistics, the Etihad home team has scored 10 goals in just the last 3 matches (an average of 3.3 goals / game) and it is likely that Sterling and his teammates will have a similar convincing result. in the next match when only had to face the opponent Everton in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup. Not only has a record against the home team Goodison Park (winning the last 6 consecutive matches), but the performance of Everton is not really stable at this time. Therefore, just play properly, a victory with a ticket for coaches and coach Pep Guardiola is something within their reach.


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