Boxing: Joshua vs Usyk

Preparing for a match against Oleksandr Usyk this weekend, Anthony Joshua said that although Usyk is a fearsome left-hander, he still has the confidence to win the final.

Boxing: Joshua vs Usyk

At dawn on September 25, Anthony Joshua will fight with challenger Oleksandr Usyk in a 12-round match for the WBO, WBA, IBF, IBO belts.  Judging that Usyk is the most dangerous opponent in his career after Wladimir Klitschko, Joshua still believes that he will win.

"The biggest downside that he can take advantage of from me is the fact that I rarely play against left-handed opponents (southpaw). Meanwhile, Usyk is too used to playing against opponents who are right.  (orthodox) in the ring. An orthodox puncher like me wouldn't have surprised Usyk."

"I've only been preparing to deal with him for 3 months now. Those 3 months have been enough for me to practice how to get the angle, how to control the game when facing a southpaw puncher."

"Usyk must have heard stories of southpaw fighters taking down orthodox players. My job is to prove the opposite is also possible. An orthodox fighter will also cause a lot of trouble for a fighter.  southpaw."

Anthony Joshua reveals the only weakness that Usyk can take advantage of - Photo 2

Anthony Joshua and Oleksander Usyk will be on the floor at dawn on September 26, Vietnam time
 Anthony Joshua has always rated Oleksandr Usyk very highly.  That is not without reason.

Usyk possesses a very good set of spells, dangerous angles, and terrifying mischief in the ring.  After ending amateur competition with a record of 335 wins and 15 losses, Usyk only needed 15 fights to become the absolute champion in the cruiserweight division and still maintain a winning record to this day.  after 18 matches.

Joshua knows his advantage in this match.  He is taller, has a longer arm span, has a larger build, and has much more knockout power than Oleksandr Usyk.  But in front of a technical master like Usyk, just being big is not necessarily enough.


Boxing: Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk

This September, the world boxing village witnessed the defense of 4 heavyweight titles of British boxer Anthony Joshua against opponent from Ukraine, Oleksandr Usyk.

Boxing: Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk

In 2019, after losing the title to Andy Ruiz in June, Anthony Joshua regained all the titles at the end of the year with a point victory in the rematch.  The 2012 Olympic gold medal in the 91kg upper class then had another successful title defense against Kubrat Pulev at the end of 2020 with a knockout in the 9th round.

Anthony Joshua's rival, Oleksandr Usyk, also won the 2012 Olympic gold medal in the 91kg category.  Boxer was born in 1987, then turned to professional competition and became the first boxer to unify 4 major titles of the cruiserweight boxing village with a record of 16 all-win matches.

In 2019, Oleksandr Usyk announced his move to heavyweight and opened with 2 consecutive victories against Chazz Witherspoon and Derek Chisora.  He became the WBO mandatory challenger in heavyweight.

Anthony Joshua had to defend the title against Oleksandr Usyk when the Tyson Fury fight broke down.

In early 2021, when Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury scheduled to face off in the summer, Deontay Wilder - former WBC king suddenly asked Fury to fulfill the rematch clause in the previous contract.

This forced Tyson Fury to give up his fight with Anthony Joshua to complete his third fight with Wilder on October 10.  Faced with the above situation, the WBO asked Anthony Joshua to perform the obligation to defend the title with Oleksandr Usyk.


Boxing: Jake Paul vs Woodley

 Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, the fight that will take place between the youtuber and the martial arts man. The boxing world will once again feature a fight from Jake Paul, who will be fighting former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) member Tyron Woodley.  


Said combat will take place from the Rocket Mortgage Field House, in Cleveland, Ohio, with a dispute date for Sunday, August 29.  It should be noted that it will be an event that will have 8 rounds in the cruise category.

It should be noted that Jake Paul began his career in fame as a youtuber or internet personality, although since the end of 2018 he decided to launch himself as a boxer.  So far, there have been three fights that the 24-year-old man who was born in Cleveland has carried out.  The aforementioned had as a final result the victories product of two knockouts, the most recent against Ben Askren and a technical knockout with the British AnEsonGib.

On the other side comes the first opportunity in a boxing ring in the life of Tyron Woodley, a man who came out of the UFC octagon having once been a champion of the welterweight title (2016).  Within what was his 12-year career as a member of the mixed martial arts, the truth is that the 39-year-old man won 19 fights of the 27 disputed, with seven losses and a draw.  T-Wood managed to prevail seven times by KO, five by abandonment of his rival and seven by decisions of the judges.


Boxing: Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul is back in the ring with his fourth bout as a pro since leaving his YouTube fame to shock the boxing world.
Boxing: Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Paul will be up against a former UFC fighter and former welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley.

The 24-year-old boxer has experienced a series of brutal performances, even against big opponents.  To raise the record to 3-0, Paul defeated MMA fighter Ben Askren with the first knockout.

Woodley, eager to return respect to the mixed martial arts family, engaged in a back-and-forth war with Paul that promised to bring an end to what some called the circus.

Despite his vast experience compared to Paul, the 39-year-old will have to hone certain aspects to take on a great showdown and end a four-match losing streak to the Octagon.

 When did the war take place?

The bout is scheduled for Sunday, August 29, and is scheduled to last eight rounds in the cruiser class (with an applied weight limit of 190 pounds).

Undercard is scheduled to start at 8pm ET (1am Monday, August 30 in the UK).

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